In and Out


‘In and Out’ to captures the essence of constant motion: the title reflects the idea that life is always moving, always changing, much like the river that winds its way around the steadfast mountain in the painting.

This sense of constant motion is depicted through the river’s fluid path, symbolizing how we navigate through different phases and experiences. It serves as a reminder that nothing stays the same for long; we’re always evolving, adapting, and growing. The river’s journey around the mountain represents how we encounter obstacles, learn from them, and continue forward.


In and Out

is part of the collection Panta Rei: The Flow Of Time

After spending days in IUC a couple of months ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about time. About our experiences, about our resilience and our strengths.

This collection of eight paintings is inspired by the idea that “everything flows”: all things are always changing and change is the only constant in life.

As always I’ve used very rich colors and intuitive brushstrokes, trying to show how life moves and how moments are connected.

With each painting I’ve tried to capture a different part of this endless movement of time, showing the deep emotions and the transformative power it brings. From the start of a new day to the end of evening, these artworks reflect the continuous flow of existence. I’ve tried to tell a story of movement and growth, in the timeless dance of life, reminding us that we are all part of an ever-changing, ever-flowing universe.

This is an original artwork by Marina Ester Castaldo.

© Marina Ester Castaldo 2024

Protected by international copyright law.
Usage, alteration or reproduction of the artwork is a criminal offence and is not permitted.


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Painted on a round cotton canvas. Size: 30cm
No prints will be made so this is a truly unique piece of art that won’t be available anywhere else in the world 🙂


The painting will be posted flat protected into a cardboard box.
round canvas

All painting marks or light blemishes are part of the art.

No returns on original art.

Signed and dated on the back by Marina Ester Castaldo