Want to add a splash of colour to your physical shop?
You can now buy wholesale!

You can simply contact me here and tell me how many of each product you would like to order and I’ll come back shortly with a quote (ex.: 8 x 21×30 cm prints, 4 x iphone cases, 3 x tote bags, 10 x 50x70cm prints).

There isn’t a minimum order requirement for each design so you can choose as many of them as you like, you could have an order made up of 30 prints all different from each other!

The shipping is always tracked and I can post from different locations in the world to let you get your order as soon as possible! To ensure faster delivery times and minimize customs hassles, we ship your order from the most suitable destination. Depending on the product and size, your package may be shipped from our locations in Canada, USA, Europe, or the UK.

For any questions don’t hesitate to contact me here or via instagram!

I’ll be happy to get in touch!

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